OTTAWA -- The Almonte-based distillery that produces “Vodkow” has served up a batch of hand sanitizer for Ottawa’s largest hospital.

The Dairy Distillery tweeted out a photo showing 1,000 litres of hand sanitizer on its way to the Ottawa Hospital Thursday afternoon.

In a tweet, the Dairy Distillery says “many of us on the team have been helped by this great institution, so it’s an honour to contribute.”

The distillery shifted production from vodka to sanitizer last week to help out during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Founder Omid McDonald told CTV News Ottawa last week they started to look at how to help the community after being contacted by several local groups who were out of sanitizer.  The Dairy Distillery shut down production of Vodkow and the new Vodkow cream, and switched to sanitizer.

McDonald says they can make two products: a surface sanitizer that can be sprayed and a hand sanitizer. 

The Dairy Distillery can produce about 1,500 litres of hand sanitizer a week.

To request sanitizer from the Dairy Distillery, you are asked to go to