OTTAWA -- Ottawa police say a second  body has been recovered from the Ottawa River in the search for two missing fishermen who had been swept away. The discovery was made Monday afternoon near the Museum of Civilization. 

Police say the two men were fishing in the Bate Island area when witnesses described seeing them get carried into the water at around 7:30 p.m. Friday.

Emergency responders from the Ottawa Police Service, Ottawa Fire Services, and Gatineau Fire Services recovered the body of one of the men at around midnight Friday.

The search for the second man was suspended due to darkness but continued through the long weekend.

“We started operations last night when we responded to a 911 call about two fisherman who slipped off the rocks and into the water,” Insp. Russell Lucas told CTV News. “The expectation right now, is that we’ve already recovered one body, and chances are that unfortunately it’ll be a second body as well.”

Police said the marine, dive, and trails unit is involved, while the investigation is being led by central district investigators.

“It can be difficult. Some areas are rocky, some areas are marshy, stuff like that, and other sections we have rapids so those are all environmental conditions we need to take into consideration when setting up our search grids,” Lucas said.

Chris Wagg, of the Ottawa Drowning Coalition says life jackets are an important way to stay safe on the water.

“Anywhere near the water, a life jacket is 100% going to help you out,” he said.

Police have not said whether the men were wearing life jackets or what they believe may have led them to fall into the river.

The families of both men have been notified and  supports have been put in place.

Neither has been pubilcly identified.