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'You Oughta Know' that Jagged Little Pill: The Musical is playing in Ottawa

Jagged Little Pill: The Musical (MurphyMade/Supplied) Jagged Little Pill: The Musical (MurphyMade/Supplied)

The music of Ottawa's Alanis Morissette is coming to life on stage in her hometown.

Jagged Little Pill: the Musical features music 'you oughta know' and it is now on stage at the National Arts Centre, presented by Broadway Across Canada.

"To be bringing it to Ottawa, her home town, I feel so proud and I feel so excited," says Heidi Blickenstaff, who plays Mary Jane Healy in the show.

The musical is inspired by the album of the same name, but it is not a biography of Morisette.

"That was kind of the one thing Alanis was adamant about when we were building the musical, was that she did not want it to be a bio-musical of her life," says Blickenstaff. "Instead, it is a completely fictionalized story about an American family that looks perfect on the outside but actually is in total crisis in many, many different ways."

Blickenstaff's character, Mary Jane Healy, is the mother in that family.

"I think so many people can relate to what's going on with the Healy family, just because of all of the issues. I think it's almost impossible not to see yourself or someone you love reflected on stage."

Topics like opioid addiction, racism, and sexual assault feature, and the show is meant for audiences 14 and older.

"It is kind of a deep dive every night," Blickenstaff says.

Morissette dropped by the show when it was in Washington D.C. Her parents, however, made an appearance at Tuesday night's opening performance in Ottawa.

"It was amazing meeting them! I hadn't met them yet and they are just the loveliest people," says Blickenstaff.

"It's my first time in Ottawa and God, it's just so beautiful here."

Jagged Little Pill: the Musical is in Ottawa until June 4. Top Stories

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