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'We're not ready to open it': OC Transpo will not commit to date for Trillium Line launch


OC Transpo officials still won't provide a firm launch date next spring for the new north-south light-rail transit line, as construction continues on the line between Bayview Station and Riverside South.

"Spring 2024, but I won't give any month," Renee Amilcar, OC Transpo general manager, told the light-rail transit subcommittee on Friday.

Councillors were told that final construction, testing and commissioning of the system is underway, with work on the stations almost complete. As of this week, eight of nine trains are participating in testing on the transit system.

A presentation for the committee showed a possible launch of the Trillium Line between March and June. 

"We're not ready to open it for sure, it's not because of the season," Amilcar said, when asked if OC Transpo was delaying launch to avoid winter weather. 

"It's definitely, now we are trying to commission the vehicles and it's a tough run. As I said previously, it's very, very important to make sure that everything is OK before we move forward to the training. We still have a lot of job to do."

Amilcar added it is a "good" idea to postpone the launch of the Trillium Line to next spring, instead of launching it during the winter.

Construction was originally scheduled to be completed in August 2022, but was delayed until September 2023. As of this summer, the target date for launch was November. On Sept. 29, Amilcar said that based on the progress to date, a November launch was no longer possible and the launch would be delayed until the spring of 2024.

Staff say there is still "some uncertainty" around the schedule for building occupancy, testing and commissioning of the LRT line.

OC Transpo is working with Transport Canada and the Canadian Transportation Agency to obtain the regulatory approvals needed for service on the lines.

The Trillium Line will be known as Line 2, running from Bayview Station to Riverside South.  The Trillium Line route Line 4 is the spur from South Keys to the Ottawa International Airport. Top Stories

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