Testimony today at the Ian Bush murder trial centered on a mysterious delivery man at the Garon condo days before the murder. And the Crown is starting to lay out evidence as to how the murderer gained entrance into this secure complex.  Police talked about this delivery man days after the murder 10 years ago.  They couldn't find him then but the Crown believes they found him now and that his name is Ian Bush.

Right beside the Hurdman transit station, the condo buildings on Riverside Drive are considered highly secure by the tenants who live there. 

There is a gated entrance way with 24-hour security posted out front and a buzzer system to gain access, which made Raymonde Garon's story to family members two days before the murder all the more curious.

Raymonde and Alban Garon were at an outing in St. Sauveur with her brother and two cousins when Richard Lurette says his sister Raymonde started talking about a delivery man who had knocked directly on her condo door days before the murder. 

Lurette testified that the man had mentioned he had a package for her husband but that when Raymonde told him he wasn't home and offered to take the package, the delivery man claimed he forgot it in the truck and would come back the next day. Lurette said it all seemed strange.

“I even told her she should contact police,” he told court, “because the whole episode was odd."

A tactical paramedic also testified.   Darren Anderson was called to the Riverside condo the day of the murders to confirm the deaths. Anderson told court as he entered the living room, he could tell that all three were gone, that there was no need to touch the bodies.  After the fact, he provided his DNA and the shoes he had worn that day to police, all evidently linking back to the Crown's case about that bloodied footprint found at the scene.  It is a footprint they will contend belonged to a specific brand of New Balance runner -- a runner they will try to prove was on the foot of Ian Bush the day of the murders.

 All this testimony will become really important as the Defence presents its case.  Bush's lawyer Geraldine Castle-Trudel told CTV News that she plans to call two expert witnesses:  an Australian expert in hair and fibre and a Canadian expert in DNA. As to whether Ian Bush will testify, she won't say.

The Crown has also begun to outline how the murderer may have gained access into this secure complex.  A side gate for residents that should have been locked, Ottawa Police found open the day after the murder.