GATINEAU, QUE. -- The mayor-elect of Gatineau, Que. says she wants to make city hall more transparent for residents and connect in many ways with her counterpart on the Ontario side of the Ottawa River.

France Bélisle won Sunday's mayoral race in Gatineau, becoming the first woman elected as mayor of Quebec’s fourth-largest city.

In an interview with CTV News Ottawa's Patricia Boal, Belisle said transparency was a major topic on the hustings.

"We need to reconnect with the citizens of Gatineau," she said. "This is what I heard during the campaign. People are asking for more transparency, more proactive communication with their city, good relationship, so, this is certainly something we need and we will work on."

Bélisle also noted the impact of climate change on Gatineau.

"Environment is a dear topic to our citizens. We were hit by two floods and one tornado in the last few years," she said. "So, this is also a very important topic."

Bélisle will replace Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin, who chose not to seek a third term as mayor. Bélisle was born and raised in Hull, graduated from the University of Ottawa with a bachelor's degree in journalism, and has a master's degree in journalistic studies from Carleton University.

She says she has spoken with Ottawa mayor Jim Watson and knows him well from her time as the head of Tourisme Outaouais and as an executive at Radio-Canada.

"I've known Mr. Watson for a few years. I used to be a reporter, so I was there in his political life back then and I also worked closely with the City of Ottawa and Ottawa Tourism for 2017," she said. "I'd like to see a lot of collaboration between the two cities for things that are obvious, like transportation, but also fun projects between our city, a little bit like what we saw 2017. I think mayor Watson was sensitive to that and certainly happy, and we’re supposed to meet with his team in the next few weeks."

Bélisle said "Gatineau is booming" and infrastructure remains a priority as well, including transit infrastructure.

"There is a tramway project in the western part of the city and how is this going to be working with the light rail? These are things that we need to talk about," she said. "Obviously, we're still expecting money from the federal government before we can say we’re on track with this project but, certainly, this is something that both cities need to talk about."

Bélisle and the new members of Gatineau city council will be sworn in on Nov. 16.