A third moose has been killed by police in the Ottawa-area after wandering into a residential neighbourhood.

This time the moose wandered into a populated area of Rockland, east of the capital.

Ontario Provincial Police say they attempted to find a tranquilizer gun to safely remove the moose, but none were available.

The animal was shot and killed when it got close to a school where police say children were being dropped off.

Meanwhile, two moose have been shot and killed in the capital since the beginning of June.

The first moose was shot by Ottawa police in an Orleans neighbourhood on June 1 after repeated attempts to tranquilize the large animal failed, causing it to become agitated and jump a six-foot fence into a backyard.

A second moose that was also wandering through the neighbourhood managed to escape into a nearby wooded area.

On Saturday, another moose was spotted near busy St. Laurent Boulevard. After cornering the animal it was shot and killed by police.

Ottawa police said the decision to kill the moose was made in both instances out of fear for public safety.

However, a moose in Quebec was spared a similar fate this week when it wandered into a residential area on the island of Montreal on Tuesday.

Montreal police and animal control officers managed to subdue the moose and remove it from the city. The moose was later released into the woods at Mont-Tremblant.

The City of Ottawa falls outside the jurisdiction of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and currently doesn't have a plan to deal with large animals when they make their way into city limits.

Ottawa's police chief spoke out about the situation on Monday, saying the city needs to identify a protocol to deal with wildlife that becomes a problem.

Ottawa police and members of the Ministry of Natural Resources are scheduled to meet on Thursday to try to find a better solution to deal with moose that wander into city limits.