For off-roading enthusiasts, it’s the thrill of pushing their rig to the limit. There’s an indoor crawler course in Ottawa; but, with a twist.

Electrosport RC is an off-road track, where you can test your driving skills; taking that Jeep, pick-up truck, or S.U.V., on dirt roads — including obstacles like hills, bridges, and rock-climbing.

"It’s a really fun hobby," Ward Yaternick, co-ordinator of Electrosport RC, tells CTV News Ottawa.

It’s like taking remote control cars, to the next level; realistic, scaled-down vehicles are pushed to their limits on a 'crawling' course.

"Crawlers are slow speed, very agile, very balanced cars that go up and down rock terrain; and, they’re not in a hurry, they’re going after the technique,” says Yaternick.

He had the space for an indoor track.

"A group of racers were looking for a track for years, and they could never find a good location; it was about that time, that I decided my building could be put to better use, and it was a meeting of the minds - I’ve always been interested in RC myself."

Located just south of Barrhaven, the 16,000 square-foot indoor facility is home to a variety of remote-control hobbies, including a race track, indoor airplane flying; and, the crawling course, where RC enthusiasts can master their skills.

"It’s indoors, so we don’t have to worry about the elements, which is great; we dress for the cooler weather, it’s raining outside - we can still use our trucks inside," says David Jones, who brought one of his remote control trucks on the course.

The off-road driving techniques used, like 'picking the right line', are similar to the real thing.

"Funny story, we actually started with the RC, and then we bought the real 1 to 1 Jeep," says Jones.

Just as much care, and detail is put into these miniatures.

"I like building them too, so doing the paint and everything; it’s kind of a passion,” says Max Cronier, another participant.

According to Gabriel Muglia, of Great Hobbies on Hunt Club Road in Nepean, it costs about $250 for a basic rig, with some going for as much as a $1,000 or more.

"If you want it to just be basic – budget-friendly, it’s something that you can buy your 10 year old and send them out," says Dakota Drummond, who is driving the course.

"For what I have into this, I could probably go and buy a Honda Civic; it’s one of those hobbies that you can make it cheap, or you can make it expensive — there’s budget-friendly stuff, and then there’s stuff for people that are serious into it, it’s got a really broad spectrum."

To drive your R.C. vehicles at Electrosport RC., it costs $20 per visit; or, you can pay a monthly fee of $60 per driver.