OTTAWA -- The tulips will bloom in Ottawa this spring, but the National Capital Commission is reminding everyone to practice physical distancing if they go for a walk to see them.

The tulips planted last fall along Queen Elizabeth Driveway and at Commissioners Park are starting to sprout from the ground.

In a statement to CTV News Ottawa, the NCC says the tulips will bloom in NCC parks, “however, in light of COVID-19, the NCC will not be providing the services it usually provides in its parks during the tulip bloom, such as portable toilets, food concessions, extra waste pick-up, road closures during the weekends, first aid and site management.”

The NCC closed all urban parks in Ottawa following the Ontario Government’s order to close all outdoor recreational amenities.  All NCC parks, including Commissioners Park where the tulips are planted, are closed to the public, except for walk-throughs.

The Canadian Tulip Festival has already announced this year’s festival will be online, including performances and programming.

In a statement on its website, the tulip festival says “we will continue to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands with all Canadians and the world through our website, our social media, and on our new YouTube channel launching soon.”

Meantime, the tulips will still bloom in Ottawa this spring, but the NCC is asking people to respect the calls for physical distancing.

“The NCC encourages people to enjoy the outdoors by staying close to home, and only using paths and parks that are accessible on foot or by bike, and thereby avoiding non-essential travel,” said the NCC in a statement.

“In keeping with public health directives, the NCC reminds everyone to practice physical distancing by keeping at least two metres between themselves and others.”