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Several people arrested for bringing gas to 'Freedom Convoy' demonstrators in Ottawa, police say


Ottawa police arrested "several people" on mischief charges for bringing material goods to the "Freedom Convoy" demonstrators, as police begin to crack down on the supply of fuel and materials flowing into the downtown core.

Demonstrators have been using vehicles, wagons and sleds to transport gasoline cans and propane canisters to trucks inside the 'red zone' around Parliament Hill as the ten-day demonstration against COVID-19 vaccine mandates continues.

Police announced on Twitter Sunday afternoon that, "Anyone attempting to bring material supports to the demonstrators could be subject to arrest. Enforcement is underway."

Deputy Chief Steve Bell told CTV News at Six this is the next step in the enforcement to deal with the ongoing protest downtown.

"Look at how we limit things moving in and out of the protest area," said Bell.

"We’ve really focused and targeted on removing the access of gasoline to the area and we’ve had several seizures and several arrests related to that.”

Police told CTV News Ottawa the charge is known as "Aiding and Abetting of Mischief" per the Criminal Code of Canada.

Early Sunday evening, armed police officers and firefighters moved in on the Ottawa Baseball Stadium on Coventry Road, which has been used as a staging area for the demonstration. People at the site said police seized 3,200 litres of fuel being stored at the stadium.

Ottawa police reported Sunday that seven people were arrested, and 100 tickets were issued.

"Multiple vehicles and fuel have been seized," said police. "Officers arrested three individuals at Metcalf and Slater for mischief. The investigation is ongoing and updates will follow."

Two people were arrested on Coventry Road for mischief.

Police said two more people were arrested Sunday morning – one charged for driving while prohibited, the other for mischief relating to property damage at a downtown business.

More than 100 tickets were issued in the demonstration zone on Sunday, including for excessive honking, driving the wrong way, defective muffler, no seatbelt and having alcohol readily available.

More than 450 tickets were issued in the protest zone around Parliament Hill on Saturday and Sunday morning following a "disruptive" weekend.

"Overnight, demonstrators exhibited extremely disruptive and unlawful behaviour, which presented risks to public safety and unacceptable distress for Ottawa residents," said police.

Police and Bylaw Services officers have issued more than 450 tickets between Saturday morning and Sunday morning. Tickets were issued for the following infractions.

  • Excessive noise
  • Use of Fireworks
  • Failure to drive in marked lane
  • Red light violations
  • Driving through a No Truck Route
  • Seatbelt violation
  • Driving a motor vehicle on a sidewalk
  • Cellphone
  • Disobey sign
  • Improper muffler
  • Tint (too dark)
  • Obstructed license plate
  • Failure to produce documents
  • Stunt Driving (vehicle seized)
  • Suspended license
  • No Insurance Top Stories

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