The embattled Rideau Street McDonald’s will no longer be a 24-hour establishment, according to an update to CTV Ottawa from franchisee Adeel Hashmi.

This comes following an exclusive story from CTV’s Christina Succi on Monday. In the news coverage, Succi reported Ottawa’s Police Chief Charles Bordeleau had formally written a letter on March 15th to the President and CEO of McDonald’s Canada saying something needed to be done.

In 2018 alone, police records show they were called to attend this specific location more than 800 times. One of the most recent investigations included allegations of sexual assault in one of the restaurant’s washrooms.

“After careful consideration, starting today the restaurant’s operating hours will be 6am to 10pm, every day,” said Hashmi. “We will also be adding security when the restaurant is open.”

The franchisee also adds that as a local business owner, he too is concerned with issues and criminal activity in the neighbourhood.

“I take the situation in the area very seriously and recognize the impact these changes will have on my business. Affected crew will be offered the chance to relocate to other restaurants in the area,” said Hashmi.

"It's a bold business decision, it's an important step in the right direction, and I think it's the right decision," said Bordeleau in an exclusive interview with CTV News.

"My officers were getting frustrated, they were throwing up their hands saying they were doing everthing they could to keep this area safe but this location continued to be a problem."

Bordeleau welcomes the owner's decision to make changes and believes it's a start to rectifying the issue.

"Just last Friday we were here 7 times, Saturday we were here 7 times as well," said Bordeleau

"I think it's going to make a big difference."

Prior to these latest developments, Inspector Ken Bryden described the busy stretch of the street as a “target-rich” environment for those with criminal minds. Several CTV viewers and 580 CFRA radio listeners have reached out saying there are times they haven't felt safe:

The McDonald’s at 99 Rideau Street has been a part of the neighbourhood for more than three decades.

Hashmi told CTV the schedule change will be starting immediately on Wednesday.

During the lunch hour, the website had yet to reflect these changes.

A security guard will begin Thursday and will be stationed in the lobby of the McDonald's for the entirety of the restaurant's business hours.

- With reporting from CTV's Christina Succi.