There are 303,000 outstanding transactions or cases related to the Phoenix Pay System, according to government of Canada website.

The last update was posted October 31, 2018.

“We continue to make progress in reducing the backlog. The number of transactions processed each month will vary based on a variety of factors, such as seasonal trends, the complexity of cases and collective agreement implementation,” the website states.

Today, public servants gathered outside government buildings in Ottawa and Quebec to rally remaining cases.

The Public Service Alliance of Canada says members are also protesting stalled contract negotiations with the Treasury Board of Canada.

PSAC’s regional VP says there has not been meaningful engagement by the Treasury Board in months.

“To go through a crisis of this scope, and then find the government can’t make up its mind about basic things… boggles my mind,” McGillis said.

Bargaining teams representing nearly 90,000 federal public service workers are back at the table this week.

“In July, PSAC came to the table with clear proposals and a strong mandate to move forward. Unfortunately, the Government has yet to engage substantially with PSAC’s various proposals, and have not offered counter proposals,” PSAC wrote in a memo.

A spokesperson for Federal Liberals said the “government is working tirelessly at all levels to resolve the pay issues experienced by public servants,” wrote Michèle LaRose in an e-mail.

PSAC says from November 27 - 29 negotiations will cover “specific proposals for the four bargaining tables”.

"The Government is bringing that good faith approach to the next round of bargaining to reach timely agreements that are fair for employees and for all Canadian taxpayers," wrote Martin Potvin with the Treasury Board of Canada. 

Other common issues for all members will be covered from December 4 to 6.