CTV Ottawa anchors Graham Richardson and Carol Anne Meehan tried out the newest pop soda fad on set during the 6 o'clock news.

Judging by the reaction, Carol Anne is not rushing out to buy a case of Jones Poutine soda.

Richardson took a sip and says the soda ruined his taste buds.

" It was awful," said Richardson who then fumbed with the bottle and had poutine soda spill over his hands and suit.

Jones Soda of Seattle,  is selling the poutine flavoured soda on a limited release.

CTV Reporter John Hua took bottles of the Poutine soda to Alfred, Ontario, the french fry capital of Canada.

Reviews there were mixed.

One regular patron at Miss Alfred Poutine took a few swigs and gave the soda high marks.

"It just needed more salt," he said