Canuck bucks, Sandy McTires and now spending cash at Ottawa Senators games.

The iconic Canadian Tire money is making its first move outside stores thanks to a partnership with the hockey franchise.

“They can use their Canadian Tire money at any of the Sens stores merchandise locations in the building, any of the concession stands at the Canadian Tire Centre and any of the restaurants,” says Geoff Publow, VP of Strategic Development for the Ottawa Senators.

The money will be accepted at the next two home pre-season games. Publow says the team is using the two games as a trial, and may consider extending the initative if all goes well.

“A lot of people have little stashes here and there and everywhere so they'll be able to gather them up and buy some great things at the game,” says Linda Pullis, General Manager at the Canadian Tire on Carling Ave.

Many customers at Wednesday's home game say they welcome the ability to use the rewards cash outside the big box store.

"It was just sitting there. The envelope was probably thick like this, so it was good to get ride of it," says Julie Wardell.

Wardell used $14.40 Canadian Tire bucks to purchase a Senators hat at Wednesday's game. She says it probably took her boyfriend 20 years, and thousands of dollars worth of hockey sticks, to collect the rewards cash. Using it to buy merchandise and food at the games, she says, feels "like a gift."

Many consession stand workers who spoke to CTV News had yet to see have a customer pay with Canadian Tire dollars. Employees who had dealt with such customers say it takes longer to count the money and sometimes created a longer line-up.

The money is not accepted for parking or tips.

With a report from CTV’s John Hua and Annie Bergeron-Oliver