OTTAWA -- Ottawa Redblacks defensive lineman Chris Larsen is denying any involvement in an alleged homophobic attack on Toronto Island earlier this month.

The lawyer for Larsen says his client is no longer considered a suspect in the incident.

The alleged incident took place on June 5 on the Toronto Islands.In a Facebook post, a Toronto man said he was called homophobic slurs and then knocked unconscious and beaten, left with a broken nose, multiple lacerations across his body and a fractured right hip following an altercation.

Speaking with CTV News Ottawa, Larsen said he was a bystander to the incident on Toronto Island. He denies being part of the alleged attack or saying anything hurtful or hateful that evening.

"When I saw my name on social media, I went to police and I told them this is a lie and I'm here to cooperate 110 per cent," said Larsen. "I had nothing to hide the whole entire time."

"Police headquarters determined that he didn't do anything to this gentleman and he is no longer a suspect," said Calvin Barry, Larsen's lawyer. "The origin of suspect came from what was launched on social media when they didn't have all the facts."

When asked how he felt learning about the allegations, Larsen says he broke down and thought it was all a bad dream.

The Ottawa Redblacks announced on June 9 that Larsen was suspended from the team.   Barry expects Larsen to be reinstated to the Redblacks.

The Redblacks told CTV News Ottawa Wednesday evening there was no change in status at this time.

The Toronto Police investigation into the incident continues.