Ottawa Police say cyclists who ride and use smart phones should also be charged under Ontario's proposed distracted driving legislation.

In a written submission to a Queens Park committee on Bill 31, Ottawa Police Sergeant Mark Gatien says cyclists and construction vehicles should be included in the legislation.

"Our hands are presently tied with cell phone infractions being committed on Bicycles and Backhoes etc using our roadways. There have been countless complaints to the Police via social media about the use of phones with these methods of transportation". Gatien wrote.

Gatien is also urging the committee to change the legislation dealing with tinted car windows.

Ottawa Police say photometric meters to test tinting of windows and to allow fines for any motorists who tints a car window under 70 per cent light transmission.

Ontario's proposed distracted driving legislation would introduce the highest fines in the country.

Fines would range from $325 to $1000 and include demerit points.

Ottawa Police say there were 28,283 distracted driving collisions from 2009-2013.

In that same period, there were 18 fatalities and 6463 injuries.