Ottawa set a new weather record Saturday afternoon when temperatures soared to 7 C, which surpasses the old January 12th record of 4.2 C put on the books in 2007.

"We're out and we're seeing people out singing on streets and entertaining and it's kind of fun when you're in the market," said Brian Mackey.

"It is really nice out. I wish the hockey rinks hadn't melted but it's a nice change I guess," said Steve Logan.

While the balmy temperatures may be welcome relief to some, Jarrah Rubinstein, who is visiting from Australia, said to him, Canada’s capital is still cold.

"I've bought myself gloves, I've got a beanie, you guys call it a toque, jacket, jumper, shirt, undershirt and I'm freezing," he said. "This is colder than it ever gets back home."

Some skiers and snowboarders took advantage of slopes at Camp Fortune.

"I don't have to bundle up, I'm not so hot, and the ski conditions are nice," said Jason Gauthier.

"No ice. Things that would be ice are actually kind of soft. Some rocks that you have to be careful of but other than it's really good," said Ted Sherwood.

"I think it's really slushy so you go really fast down the hill so you've got to really be careful going down," said Keira Aubin.

The thaw is also a set-back for the Rideau Canal.

Instead of being full of skaters, it’s full of puddles.

"I don't especially like it. I'm a real winter fan," said Carolyn Montcalm. "It's too soon, it just happened too soon,"

She says people should hold off on breaking out the flip flops.

"It's gonna get really cold and people will say 'What? I thought it's supposed to be spring.’ We've got lots of winter to come," Montcalm said.

The relatively warm weather did not come with sunshine. A gloomy grey sky hung over the city for most of the day. Sunday’s high is forecasted at 9 C with a 60 per cent chance of showers.

With files from CTV Ottawa’s Stefan Keyes and Katie Griffin