OTTAWA -- Canada's capital is also the sleep environment capital in Canada according to a new study.

The 2020 City Sleep Index by German company VAAY ranks Ottawa 11th out of 75 cities around the world for sleep environment, and the top city in Canada.

The 2020 Sleep Index compares and analyses the conditions for sleeping qualities in 75 cities around the world. It looked at nine factors that contribute to the overall quality of a person's sleep: Mental wellbeing; physical health; caffeine, nicotine and alcohol consumption; overwork; employment and finances; chronic pain; sleep duration; environment and undersleep.

Amsterdam, Netherlands ranked as the top city for sleep environment in the world, followed by Auckland, New Zealand and Glasgow.

Ottawa ranked 11th on the survey. It found residents get an average of 7.1 hours of sleep a night.

Vancouver ranked 37th, Calgary 39th and Toronto was 50th.

VAAY is a CBD brand.