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Ottawa and Gatineau see spike in crimes in 2022, StatsCan reports


Ottawa and Gatineau have some of the lowest crime rates in Canada, despite sharp increases in reported crimes in 2022.

New statistics from Statistics Canada shows the city of Gatineau saw a 20 per cent increase in the crime rate last year, while the city of Ottawa's crime rate increased 15 per cent.

Winnipeg had the highest increase in the crime rate in 2022, with a 24 per cent spike in crimes. St. John's, N.L., reported a 19 per cent increase in the crime rate, Toronto saw a 17 per cent increase in the crime rate, while Halifax reported a 15 per cent increase.

The national crime rate increased 5 per cent across Canada in 2022, with 5,668 crimes per 100,000 people.

Ottawa ranks 27th out of 35 cities in Canada for the crime rate, with a crime rate of 4,019 crimes per 100,000 people. Gatineau ranks 28th in Canada, with a crime rate of 3,737 crimes per 100,000 people.

Kelowna, B.C. has the highest crime rate in Canada at 10,532 crimes per 100,000 people, followed by Lethbridge (9,358 crimes), Winnipeg (8,757 crimes) and Moncton (8,206). Montreal ranked 30th and Toronto ranked 31st for crime rates in Canada.

Quebec City has the lowest crime rate in Canada at 3,164 crimes per 100,000 people.

Statistics Canada says police-reported crime increased for a second consecutive year.

"Rates of theft (the combined rate of motor vehicle theft, major and minor theft and shoplifting of $5,000 or under), breaking and entering and robbery increased in 2022, after declining during the start of the pandemic in 2020," Statistics Canada said.

"Motor vehicle theft had the greatest impact on the increase in the overall (Crime Severity Index) in 2022, followed by robbery, breaking and entering, minor theft and shoplifting."

Ottawa crimes

In June, Ottawa police issued the crime report for 2022, looking at crimes in wards across Ottawa.

Highest crime rates in Ottawa (per 100,000 residents)

  • Somerset – 15,162 crimes/100,000 population
  • Rideau-Vanier – 13,433 crimes/100,000 population
  • Beacon Hill-Cyrville – 6,065 crimes/100,000 population
  • Rideau-Rockcliffe – 4,909 crimes /100,1000 population
  • Alta Vista – 4,774 crimes/100,000 population

Lowest crime rates in Ottawa (per 100,000 residents)

  • Rideau Jock – 1,363 crimes/100,000 population
  • West Carleton-March – 1,474 crimes/100,000 people
  • Riverside South-Findlay Creek – 1,495 crimes/100,000 population
  • Orleans East-Cumberland – 1,518 crimes/100,000 population
  • Osgoode – 1,723 crimes/100,000 population Top Stories

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