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Kingston, Ont. residents leaving the University District due to excessive partying


Elizabeth Reed has lived on Collingwood Street in Kingston's University District for 26 years.

But she has sold her house and is set to move Nov. 7, citing the excessive partying that takes place around her home.

"It's not that I have a problem with the students, I don't. They've often been very kind," Reed tells CTV News Ottawa.

"It's only natural for them to want to party if their housemates are partying, if the next door neighbours are partying.

"It's not uncommon for there to be five houses partying at the same time."

Reed spoke to CTV News on the Sunday of Queen's University's homecoming weekend, which saw thousands of people gather in the streets of the University District, and specifically Aberdeen Street.

Kingston Police declared multiple nuisance parties in the area on Saturday and had the large crowd dispersed by evening, but did declare more nuisance parties on Albert Street later in the night.

"Yesterday wasn't actually too bad," she said. "It was last weekend that was actually too noisy."

The events come one week after faux homecoming parties were held in the same place. Kingston Police say 8,000 partygoers attended the unsanctioned gathering, with 13 arrests being made and 15 people sent to the hospital.

First-year Queen's student Olivia Brock says the University District has been taken over by students and become party central.

"I'm sure it's not ideal, because it's a beautiful neighbourhood," says Brock.

"For the people who want to have a quiet night and don't love the partying all the time, because it doesn't really stop around here."

Kingston's Sydenham District councillor Peter Stroud declined to comment on the seemingly growing partying culture. Reed wishes the city would have taken action by now.

"They could've decided to say no more than a certain percentage of student rentals on the block," says Reed, who adds she is one of a handful of homeowners left on Collingwood Street.

"I feel for those people a little bit," says Brock. 

"However, I think being this close to the school anyways you have to expect some rowdiness. I mean it is what it is in the university culture."

Fellow first-year student Jordan Beisel says he attended the homecoming events on Aberdeen Street Sunday, and doesn't see the party culture slowing down in Kingston.

"Great experience overall and the culture here. Looking forward to doing it next year." Top Stories

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