OTTAWA -- No, that’s not Vanilla Ice on the Rideau Canal.

It’s the head of the National Capital Commission.

With the Rideau Canal Skateway still closed, NCC CEO Tobi Nussbaum joined the Crown corporation’s maintenance team to explain why.

What better way to do so than through dope beats and sick rhymes?

‘Ice, Ice, Maybe’ – a takeoff on Vanilla Ice’s 1990 hit ‘Ice, Ice, Baby’ – explains exactly what’s needed for the canal to open to skaters for the season.

“Alright, stop. Collaborate and listen. The ice is back but not enough  in position,” Nussbaum raps overlooking the canal from Wellington Street.

The canal ice needs to be at least 30 centimetres thick before it can open to skaters.

Or, as Nussbaum spits: “Flooding with tonnes of H2O litres. Building a base. 30 centimetres.”

The rap even includes a shout-out to fighting climate change. And, this being Ottawa, part of it is in French, of course.

Much of the online reaction has been positive, with many people praising the NCC for having a sense of humour. Others are calling it a bit on the cheesy side.

Judge for yourself: