A fire station in Kanata is closed because of “unsafe working conditions” caused by construction.

Station 41 is located on Eagleson Road. Construction started this winter, but Vic Dillabaugh, vice president of the Ottawa Professional Fire Fighters Association and health and safety committee co-chair, says workers were moved out July 11th.

“What we considered to be an unhealthy environment; Being amongst the construction material... a lot of dust, lack of facilities. We recommended they move the firefighters out,” says Dillabaugh.

In a statement, Kim Ayotte, Fire Chief, Emergency and Protective Services Department says, “ In the case of the closure of Station 41, we have a dynamic deployment model in place that has personnel and equipment in particular during peak periods (data collection) patrolling areas serviced by the station. Should Kanata residents require the services of Ottawa Fire Service, we will be there.”

It is still not clear when work will be complete and when workers will be allowed back in.