OTTAWA -- Rideau Transit Maintenance says there was a fire in a switch room at its LRT maintenance facility Thursday morning.

A memo from OC Transpo sent to Ottawa media reads "there was a minor electrical cord smoke fire in a switch room in the maintenance facility at 2:44 a.m."

The memo says there was no equipment damage.

This comes amid word only 11 of 13 trains launched in time for the morning commute.

OC Transpo said RTM was doubtful it would reach 13 today, but later reported full service had been restored.

An additional update said 12 trains were in service, but OC Transpo clarified again, insisting that memo was meant to be sent out before saying full service was running.

Their explanation was the 12 train update "was stuck in cyberspace."

RTM insists the fire is not connected with the earlier train shortage. The memo says it was due to "brake faults with a number of trains in the maintenance yard."