OTTAWA -- A new drive-thru COVID-19 testing site is being set up at RCGT Park, on Coventry Road near the Vanier Parkway.

A statement from the Champlain COVID-19 Response Committee (CCRC), sent Tuesday, says the site in the parking lot outside the baseball stadium will begin taking bookings in the coming days.

"This new testing site will complement the existing Assessment Centre and Care Clinics in the city. It will be a drive-through-only site, and residents will be able to be tested for COVID-19 without leaving their cars," the statement says.

You will need to book an appointment in advance for this site through an online booking system on Ottawa Public Health's website.

While the site will offer testing, there will be no clinical assessment, so the Champlain COVID-19 Response Committee is recommending symptomatic residents continue to visit the Brewer Assessment Centre or the care clinics on Moodie Drive and Heron Road.

The CCRC says, "More options for mobile testing are being explored and will be implemented shortly."

Between the three existing testing centres, an average of around 1,300 tests are performed daily on weekdays. Only the Brewer site is open on weekends, and it does an average of around 700 tests each day.

Here are testing figures from Aug. 17 to Aug. 23, courtest of the CCRC:

  • Aug. 17: 1375 total (719 at Brewer, 349 at Moodie, 307 at Heron)
  • Aug. 18: 1274 total (669 at Brewer, 332 at Moodie, 273 at Heron)
  • Aug. 19: 1340 total (668 at Brewer, 390 at Moodie, 282 at Heron)
  • Aug. 20: 1304 total (698 at Brewer, 348 at Moodie, 258 at Heron)
  • Aug. 21: 1323 total (729 at Brewer, 344 at Moodie, 250 at Heron)
  • Aug 22: 628 total at Brewer (Moodie and Heron closed)
  • Aug: 23 786 total at Brewer (Moodie and Heron closed)