OTTAWA -- Premier Doug Ford had another stern warning for food delivery services like Uber Eats and Skip the Dishes on Thursday: cut your fees on struggling restaurants or the government will take action.

"Don't be greedy, because I can’t stand when people are greedy," Ford said.  

"Don’t charge these restaurants upwards of 30 per cent."

The delivery services, owners of very popular mobile apps, take a steep cut of each order, and customers often do not know it.

Ottawa restaurant owner Dave Mangano agrees with Ford. His ByWard Market restaurant, The Grande, was placed in lockdown over the weekend for the second time this year.  By law, he can only offer takeout to customers. While he respects and needs Uber Eats, the delivery company is very expensive.

"We pay the 30 per cent, the customer pays the delivery," Mangano said, adding "We would love it" if they dropped the fees.

"If you ask any restauranteur in Ottawa they would tell you the same thing."

Mangano says when his restaurant is fully open; the fees are just a cost of doing business. But with the lockdown things have changed, and the delivery company costs are taking a huge part of his revenue now.

"These delivery companies, they’re making a fortune," said Ford.

And the premier warned that if there is no response, he will take a harder line.

“I always ask nicely. Then I start begging. And then I put down the hammer."