You could soon be able to toss dog waste and plastic bags in the green bin.

A report for Ottawa’s Environment and Climate Protection Committee outlines proposed changes to the city’s contract with Orgaworld. 

Starting in mid-2019, plastic bags and dog waste could be included in green bins for weekly pick-up. Adding plastic bags and dog waste to the contract would cost the city an additional $626,000 a year.

Expanding the green bin service to accept plastic bags and dog waste would eliminate the need for special liner bags and reducing odour and pest concerns.

To address potential odour issues from accepting plastic bags, Orgaworld would invest $3.9 million to upgrade its plant for enhanced service and to improve odour control.

The report also outlines revisions to the remaining 12 years of the contract between the city and Orgaworld. It would reduce the processing rate for plastics and dog waste from $151 to $124 per tonne, and lower the minimum tonnage of organics that the city must provide to Orgaworld from 80,000 to 75,000 tonnes per year.

The committee will consider the changes on Monday, March 26 at Ottawa City Hall.