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Dog rescued after falling through ice on Ottawa River in Pembroke, Ont.

Pembroke Fire Department

The Pembroke Fire Department says a dog has been rescued after falling through ice on the Ottawa River Friday morning.

Firefighters say they received a call at around 7 a.m. reporting that the dog had gone through the ice in the vicinity of Beachburg Road and Westmeath Road.

“Four personnel from the Pembroke Fire Department responded in two rescue units. The Whitewater Fire Department responded as well,” Pembroke fire said in a news release.

Crews note that the owners of the dog had a significant role in rescuing their pet, as they called 9-1-1 instead of venturing through the ice.

“The dog was approximately 100 yards from the shore. As the rescue team approached the dog, the lead rescuer did go through the ice. If the pet’s owners had attempted rescue, the situation would have been much worse,” read the release.

When the dog was successfully removed from the river, it was taken to a local veterinary clinic for assessment.

Firefighters remind people to always remember that no ice is safe ice. They note that fresh snow may hide open water or thin ice, adding that “with moving water, there is no way of knowing what is happening under the ice.” Top Stories

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