Several Ottawa city councillors say the decision to fold an Ottawa baseball team should be viewed as an opportunity to tear down the stadium.

On Monday, the Can-Am League pulled the plug on the Ottawa Voyageurs because of a slowing economy, along with lack of ownership in Ottawa.

The decision leaves the city-owned facility, which sits on prime real estate just east of the downtown core, empty.

Without a tenant, Orleans Coun. Bob Monette says tearing down the building and selling the land could be the best way to move forward with building a new stadium in the capital.

He says if the city is able to sell the land for $20 million, that money could be put towards a new sports facility.

Council is currently looking at two competing bids to build a new sports stadium in Ottawa.

One plan would bring Major League Soccer to Kanata; the other would bring CFL football back to Lansdowne Park.

Council is expected to deal with the future of the baseball stadium on April 8.