Outraged residents in Carleton Place say they want their Mayor to resign after he was found to have broken the code of conduct three times.

Councillors have handed Mayor Louis Antonakos with a 270 day pay suspension, the steepest penalty the municipal act allows.

This comes just weeks after one councillor was given an assault charge after an alleged confrontation with Antonakos and a year after Antonakos was suspended for 90 days for sharing private information.

"We have a mayor who is supposed to be the leader of council and the leader of the community who has demonstrated that he doesn't really have much respect for the rules," said Councillor Brian Doucett.

Residents attended Tuesday night's town council meeting to call for Antonakos to step down wearing pink, the colour of anti-bullying.

The Mayor says he will not step down and instead has requested a judicial inquiry to prove his innocence.

"I did so because I believed there was evidence in the report that referenced a possible crime," Antonakos told town council.

Those at the meeting say they're not buying it.

"I will not ask for an apology anymore but simply ask him to resign," said Kory Earle, who's lived in Carleton Place for more than 14 years. "We need a Mayor with real leadership that will not divide this community."