Community groups are coordinating more "window walks" for kids stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With schools closed and large gatherings prohibited, a "shamrock hunt" was organized for St. Patrick's Day. Participants would put shamrocks in their windows and parents and kids would walk around their neighbourhoods, looking for as many shamrocks as they could find.

It proved popular, so online community groups have been sharing an image with other ideas from silly faces, to encouraging words, to jokes on April 1.

Several people have sent an image to CTV News with the following dates and things to put in neighbourhood windows:

  • March 20: silly faces
  • March 23: animals
  • March 26: encouraging words
  • March 29: flowers
  • April 1: jokes
  • April 4: easter eggs

It's a chance to get outdoors and get some fresh air and spend some time with family.

Friday's forecast is calling for rain, but the longterm outlook for Monday is sunny, with seasonal temperatures.