The most popular museum in the Capital Region will undergo a major transformation, starting Tuesday. 

The government is announcing the Canadian Museum of Civilization will be renamed the Canadian Museum of History,  injecting $25-million dollars to change the mandate and half of the floor space.

The Heritage Minister James Moore and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird made the announcement

The new Canadian Museum of History will reflect the social and political milestones that have shaped our country since Confederation.

And that has some questioning WHO will do the shaping?

"It’s clear the Conservative government wants to retell Canadian history in ways that’s palatable to them and their base,” said Andrew Cash, NDP Heritage Critic.

“This is entirely non-partisan. This is what is in Canada’s best interest.” Said Moore.   

"Every Canaidan Historian and every history buff will be watching to see how their terrific opportunity is realized over the next few years,” said Michael Bliss, Canadian Historian.

The Children's Museum will stay as it is, so will the Grand Hall and the First People's Hall. 

 But nearly haft the museum, 50,000 square feet, will undergo a change that'll cost $25 million dollars.

"I think it’s exciting. The fact we were involved in a building that keeps evolving and growing,” said Douglas Cardinal, Museum Architect.

Some museum visitors aren't so sure.

“I'm quite upset about it because museum is strong in aspects of world civilization not just Canadian History.

This isn't the first name change for this museum.  It started out as the Geological Survey of Canada in 1856, followed by the Museum of Man before it became the Civilization Museum.

With a report from CTV Ottawa’s Joanne Schnurr.