OTTAWA -- Changes in traffic patterns and relaxed parking restrictions resulted in a nearly 80 per cent drop in parking tickets issued during the COVID-19 pandemic, compared to the same period last year.

Statistics provided to CTV News Ottawa show Ottawa Bylaw and Regulatory Services issued 14,162 parking tickets between March 17 and June 18.  During the same period in 2019, Bylaw Services officers issued 63,978 tickets for parking violations.

On March 17, Ottawa Bylaw and Regulatory Services suspended the enforcement of the offence of parking in excess of time limits due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"This measure was taken to support residents and to encourage them to work from home in order to prevent the further spread of COVID-19," said Jennifer Therkelsen, program manager, Parking Enforcement and Logistics.

"During the months of March and April, the number of tickets declined due to the significant change in traffic patterns."

With businesses reopening and traffic volume starting to increase, the City of Ottawa says Bylaw Services officers will resume enforcing overtime parking violations on streets with posted signage starting June 29. Warning notices will be issued between June 29 and July 5, and officers will begin issuing tickets on Monday, July 6.

Therkelsen says officers will "not enforce overtime parking on streets without posted signage until further notice, in order to continue supporting residents who are working from home."

Ottawa Bylaw and Regulatory Services provided the total number of parking tickets issued between March 17 and June 18 to CTV News Ottawa.

March 17 to 30

  • 2020: 2,186
  • 2019: 11,406


  • 2020: 3,998
  • 2019: 19,208


  • 2020: 4,044
  • 2019: 20,324

June 1 to 18

  • 2020: 3,934
  • 2019: 13,040

According to the City of Ottawa's website, the fine for parking in excess of the posted time limit is $60, with an early payment option of $40.  Parking in a no parking area is an $80 fine and parking in front of a driveway or laneway is a $70 fine.  The fine for parking in a space reserved for physical disabled-with no disability parking permit is $450.