An Ottawa off-leash dog park was found to have broken pieces of glass scattered near paths along the Rideau River.

Dog walkers fear someone is deliberately trying to harm dogs and their owners.

“Nobody thinks this is an accident,” said Dana McPhail. “There was 50, 60 people here yesterday everybody was upset and everybody was saying somebody doesn't want this dog park here; somebody wants to hurt dogs.”

McPhail and other concerned dog owners placed signs and caution tape around the affected areas warning others of the threat of broken glass on the ground. McPhail said city crews arrived Tuesday and Saturday to clean the mess.

Bartlett Park covers nearly 40-acres of land along the Rideau River in Manotick and serves as one of the city’s few remaining off-leash dog parks.  

Councillor Scott Moffatt confirmed police are now investigating.

“The park has caused controversy between dog owners and non-dog owners. We’ve been doing our best to manage the situation and try to find amendable solutions to sharing the park long-term. If the intent of behaviour like this is to impact the use of the park, it really sets us back,” said Moffatt.

Residents and dog owners remained wary of the area; they want to find out who is responsible for this apparent attack on their park.

“Maybe somebody doesn't like the park,” said Deborah Delorme. “I know there's a lot of people around who don't like dogs and don't like the park.” Delorme who owns dog and has used the park for nearly a decade said this isn’t the first time she’s seen suspicious activity at the park on Mclean Crescent.

“Why would you want to hurt dogs? It's sickening. It's just a rotten thing to do to people and their animals,” said Delorme.

“A dog cuts its paw, it could take months to heal. It could cost people thousands of dollars in vet bills, pain for the dogs and why are you doing this?” said McPhail, who moved to the area in the last ten years.

McPhail vowed to find the person responsible for the alleged attacks on the park and its users.