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44 stray dogs rescued from Manitoba arrive in the Ottawa Valley


A foster dog organization has brought 44 stray dogs rescued off the streets of Manitoba to the Ottawa Valley.

Members of Riverview Rescues in Westmeath, Ont. recently travelled roughly 2,600 kilometres to Thunder Bay to pick up the stray dogs, who were rescued from the streets of northern Manitoba communities.

"In Manitoba, there's a crisis with the over population of dogs," Riverview Rescues founder Laura Pelkey said.

"There are dogs in northern communities everywhere. Absolutely thousands of them and the community members are asking for help."

This is not the first rescue trip the valley group has done. Riverview Rescues says the dogs can be better cared for under their watch, and if they stopped bringing in strays, they would likely die on the streets.

"There's no spay and neuter clinics there," Pelkey says. "The vets, there's low access and lower incomes there. So vetting costs thousands of dollars and it's really hard for these families to vet their dogs."

A fundraising event at pet store Hank & Hound in Pembroke on Saturday helped raise money to cover the cost of bringing the dogs in.

"To bring in these 44 dogs, it's thousands and thousands of dollars," said Lana Thomas, who is part of the fundraising committee for Riverview Rescues.

Thomas says truck rentals, gas, food, and all medical expenses are covered by the organization before the dogs are put up for adoption.

"We do have a few of our dogs that don't have foster homes right now," Thomas said. "So we're always looking for them to apply to become fosters for us."

Adoption for the 44 dogs will open after Christmas. The adoption fee is $750 for puppies and $650 for dogs over the age of one.

"We call them northern super mutts," says Pelkey. 

"And we never guarantee breed because if you DNA test them you will be shocked at what's in them. They are spunky, full of energy, so they'll need homes that keep them active." Top Stories

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