The chair of the city’s Transit Commission says patience is running extremely thin with Ottawa’s new LRT and the transit system as a whole, and he promises action is coming soon, including more buses to get people from the suburbs to the Confederation Line.

Councillor Allan Hubley, under fire for an internal letter suggesting other councillors and transit committee members were “doing damage” and further “undermining” public confidence in an already shaky system, says he understands all the frustration.

That memo came in response to other city councillors who are demanding an “emergency” transit commission meeting before next week’s scheduled meeting on Nov. 6.

Hubley insists he's not trying to gag anyone, and is as frustrated as everyone else.

“We’ve had a lot of issues, and commissioners are frustrated and angry. And we’re all frustrated and angry as well,” said Hubley.

Hubley says transit experts from Toronto have been brought in to try and help solve the many problems with LRT.

“My patience and I can tell you the Mayor’s patience is running very thin," said Hubley.

The transit commission chair also said more buses could be on the way after the budget is tabled next week.

Ottawa councillor Carol Anne Meehan, who was among those calling for an emergency meeting, called out Mayor Watson on Tuesday afternoon during an appearance on Newstalk 580 CFRA's 'Ottawa Now.'

"Where is Mayor Watson on this? Where is the mayor? He's the first one there when there's good news to share but Jim has been absent on this issue and he's put Councillor Hubley out in front," said Meehan.

Meanwhile, OC Transpo general manager John Manconi issued a memo to city officials on Tuesday afternoon outlining what updates will be provided at the Nov. 6 meeting.

According to the memo, Manconi will provide an update on rail service, including key causes of train faults, and bus service, including short and medium-term actions to improve bus reliability.