The SPCA has put down down one of the two dogs involved in Wednesday’s attack in Gatineau.

Police said the owner of the pit bull-type dog signed a contract to abandon it with the local SPCA, which then decided it would be euthanized after it failed a temperament test.

"The dog has not been put down because of the type of breed, but because he didn't pass any tests and we had to put people's safety first," said France Dubois with the Gatineau SPCA.

"You have to be careful with any breed at any moment."

There has been no decision made on the second dog.

A man was left with serious facial injuries after two pit bull mix dogs attacked him as he was looking at a car for sale on Boulevard Lorrain.

Police said their investigation is complete and they’re deciding whether or not to lay charges.

It’s illegal to have pit bulls or other dogs designated as “dangerous” outside without a leash and a muzzle in Gatineau.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Stefanie Masotti