WESTPORT, ONT. -- A kindergarten class at a school in Westport, Ont., received a real-life lesson on what it means to be a superhero this week, after two of the school staff handmade them each a superhero doll.

The children in the class at St. Edward Catholic School, an hour north of Kingston, were asked to draw what they would look like if they were a superhero in a comic book.

Then two staff members carefully crocheted each one.

Teacher Darlene Penfold says the kids were then given the dolls to take home on a special day.

"We wanted to celebrate all the great things these kids are doing and we decided to have a Superhero Day, where the kids could dress up as their superhero and come to school," Penfold explained.

Holding his red-dressed superhero, 5-year-old Aiden Trachy told CTV News Ottawa he knows exactly what his superpower would be.

"Super speed,” he said, while dressed as Marvel Superhero, 'The Flash.'

Holding her doll, a multicoloured caped crusader, 6-year-old Emma McNichols said she would want to be something a little different.

"Invisible," she said.

Westport, Ont.

In all, Early Childhood Educator Sara Hudson and the school secretary Carol Theelen hand-crocheted 18 dolls.

Hudson said it took about a month.

"On the 23rd of February I drew up the template, had the kids colour them that day, and we got started right away," Hudson explained. "They took their time, they really put a lot of detail into their work."

Theelen has been crocheting for years. She explained they stitched whenever possible to make the deadline.

"Evenings, a lot of weekends, whenever we could at lunch time."

Penfold said, as with anything they do in the classroom, there was also a lesson behind the gesture. The kids were encouraged to be everyday superheroes.

"With COVID, everyone is really being a superhero," she explained. "Everyone is trying their best. In the schools, in the hospitals. In the grocery store."

Hudson adds that during the pandemic, the students continue to inspire her.

"To me, right now, the students are my superheroes."