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Soccer frenzy in the nation’s capital


Love for the beautiful game is at an all-time high as fans of all ages ready to cheer on Canada's men’s soccer team as they get set for the biggest game of their lives.

For weeks, bars have been packed for the Euro 2024 and the Copa America tournament. Tuesday night even casual soccer fans will be watching a historic moment for Canada in the ultimate David versus Goliath matchup.

“I want Canada to win. But like Argentina is obviously going to win. It's not really a competition,” said young soccer fan Hunter as he showed off his Lionel Messi Barcelona FC jersey. “This was when he was in his prime.”

The Copa semi-final will be a rematch of the opening game in which Canada lost to Argentina. That was expected, but the incredible run since was not.

"For Canada, this has to be the biggest game in the history of the men's program,” said TSN 1200’s AJ Jakubec. "To play arguably the best player in soccer history in Lionel Messi and try and stop him from winning his third consecutive tournament. Argentina number one in the world, defending Copa America champions, defending World Cup champions. This is just an opportunity that you don't get very often."

Messi and his squad by far the favourites to win, but Team Canada has loyal supporters at the Gloucester Hornets Soccer Club.

"I think Canada is going to hold strong. You know i think they're going to hold strong and maybe score. Who knows?" said Carina Sharara, a member of the Hornets’ soccer club. "I'm excited for Jonathan David."

David, who had the lone goal that sunk Peru and delivered Canada's first win at Copa America, grew up playing for the club. Inspiring many of the young kids in Ottawa who love the game.  

"It is like especially like because he came to hornets and knowing his jersey is signed in the clubhouse, like we have to support him," said Sharara. Top Stories

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