OTTAWA -- The legend of 'Bruce,' Ottawa Public Health's inept social media intern, continues to grow.

Turns out he's a famous Canadian actor.

The health unit tweeted a video Friday morning with A-list star Ryan Reynolds, revealing his identity as Bruce the intern, who went viral in a post-Super Bowl tweet by Ottawa Public Health last month.

"Yes I occasionally tweet from Ottawa Public Health. Why? Everybody does," Reynolds says. "About the Super Bowl, in my defence, these days I'm just, I'm so busy, okay? So back off. On Super Bowl Sunday, I just forgot."

The original post-Super Bowl tweet fooled many, and got more than 9,000 likes. "WHAT AN AMAZING #SuperBowlLV!! Congratulations to the (*Bruce, make sure to put the winning team's name here)," the tweet read.

Ottawa Public Health's Twitter account gains large

Bruce, of course, doesn't exist. The health unit sent a follow-up thread about spotting misinformation online to be completely clear the tweet was a joke.

But on Friday, the health unit took the gag to a new level with Reynolds.

Ottawa Public Health's unique blend of humour and sound health advice on Twitter has garnered the more than 113,000 followers and recognition far beyond Ottawa.

Reynolds does end the video on a serious note, reminding people to wash their hands, wear a mask, stay home, get tested and get vaccinated.

"We can do this, and we will do this," Reynolds says. "Steady as she goes, Ottawa."

In a statement on Friday, an Ottawa Public Health spokesperson said Reynolds contacted their social media team earlier this week to compliment them on their work throughout COVID.

They thanked him and proposed the idea for the Bruce video, and he agreed.

“Ottawa Public Health is pleased to support up-and-coming Canadian artists and we appreciate that Mr. Reynolds took the time out of his busy schedule to help us share this important public health message.”