On day one of OC Transpo’s biggest service change some riders coming from the suburbs complained of delayed buses or ones that never showed up.

Edith Chartier says her bus from South Keys was delayed by 30 minutes this morning.

“If (the buses) are on the schedule, then they need to follow that schedule, I’m very lucky by job is flexible,” Chartier said.

Igor Tesanovic planned to use transit to get from Barrhaven to downtown Ottawa. He says after waiting 25 minutes he was forced to drive to work.

“I think leaving people in the pinch like that in the morning when we are relying on this service, it needs to be taken care of in a more proactive way,” he said.

OC Transpo General Manager John Manconi says 18 buses were cancelled on Monday morning leading to some delays and overloaded buses.

Manconi said buses were added Monday afternoon for the commute home.

“It’s day one of a major bus change so yes we had some issues and we’re looking at every single one of those,” he said.

Frustrated by the delays and changes to the service, Cassandra Ethier started a petition to bring back certain parallel routes until Stage 2 of LRT is ready.

“I know there is a transition period but it’s just not efficient,” Ethier said.  

Ethier says she waited 20 minutes to catch a bus at Trim Station on Monday. She says her trip was extended again as she switched to the train at Blair Station.

The city has said all along some riders will have time added to their commutes due to transfers.

Manconi says the city is watching service closely and adjusting as necessary.

Other riders were pleased with changes to the service.

Karen Clark said aside from switching from bus to train at Blair her trip downtown was unchanged.

“It’s great for the city,” she said.

Touring the city with her family who was vacationing from Nicaragua, Maria Hernandez said the LRT system was the perfect way to get around for the day.

“I think it’s a great opportunity – I love the train, I find it to be easy, it’s something that should have been done many, many years ago,” she said.