A six-week-old foster kitten had quite the adventure Thursday after she escaped from her home and ended up stuck in a pipe.

Christine Lailey, a volunteer with Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue, tried everything to get the feline out but had to call for backup.

Dave Smythe with DS Plumbing said the kitten was wedged in a spot where she couldn’t go any further. He carefully had to scrape and scoop around the area until finally, she was free.

“I felt over the moon last night actually, it was really good to come out and help this kitten out,” said Smythe.

“We could just see her little fury face stuck in there and we were so relieved when she came out. It was wonderful,” said Lailey.

They decided “Piper” was an appropriate name for the kitten.

When she’s old enough in a few weeks, Smythe plans on adopting Piper and says she’ll fit right in with their other office cats. Piper’s other brothers and sisters will also be available for adoption in a few weeks.