RENFREW -- It’s tough to drive down Renfrew’s main street and not spot the tall yellow tower that is now Mill Music.

In 1923, the silo was built as a flour mill and still stands to this day along Raglan Street. In 2023, the mill is set to mark 100 years in the town of Renfrew, and current owner Steve St. Michael is looking to celebrate the occasion with a facelift for the iconic landmark.

"The silo is starting to get a little bit tired," says St. Michael. "So we need to bring that up, especially for the 100 year anniversary."

The music store owner is calling on the community to help in the redesign too. St. Michael already has a few mock ups from local artists, but is also accepting submissions from the community and votes on which design they think is best.

"I think that’s paramount, because if you did it the wrong way you’d have a lot of people to answer to," laughs St. Michael. "So I want this to be a community thing."

Renfrew Mill

James Murray lives in the town of Renfrew and has been a customer at Mill Music for years.

"Most places, it looks like a box," says Murray. "This store, it looks like it has history. So it’s good that it’s being protected."

Renfrew Mayor Don Eady says the mill is a staple in town, "It’s not hard when somebody comes into town, and they say 'where can I buy this or that'. Right away you say, 'well, go down down to the mill...'"

Eady would like the facelift to remain loyal to the town’s heritage look.

"Renfrew has been known for it’s wonderful main street that we have, and part of that reason is because of its heritage."

Murray is looking for a makeover that’s more than just run of the mill, "Something groovy, this world needs more groovy, and something joyful."

"The people want this building; they call it their landmark, and that’s important to me," says St. Michael.