Winter's unrelenting extreme cold weather has given Ottawa the title of the coldest capital in the world. At least for Monday, Februrary 23, 2015.

These are just a sample of the temperatures from world capitals recorded Monday morning.

Ottawa -23
Ulan Bator -18
Astana -12
Washington -2
Reykjavik -1
Moscow +2
Helsinki +2
Tallinn +2
Stockholm +3
Prague +7

The bone chilling weather is affecting local retail sales and restaurants. Many sales or restaurant visits are down 20% compared to last winter.

The cold weather is helping the Rideau Canal skateway glide to a new record. As of Wednesday, the skateway will break the record with 47 consecutive days of skating. The NCC estimates over 680 thousand people have gone for a skate on the Rideau Canal.

On the bright side, February is almost over and most retail stores are starting to stock spring wear.