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Ottawa teen takes on month-long fitness feat to raise funds for multiple sclerosis research


An Ottawa teen is taking on an intense fitness regimen this month to raise awareness and money for multiple sclerosis research.

“Every day I’ll be completing a 'Murph' workout, which is a hero workout in CrossFit,” said Liam Moore, who has launched an initiative called Murph 4 MS.

The 16-year-old is midway through his month-long journey to raise funds through fitness in support of a cause close to home.

“It’s all to raise money for the MS society of Canada,” said Moore. “I’m doing this because of my dad. My dad has been fighting the disease for over ten years now and he’s been a huge inspiration to me my whole life”

After months of training, Moore has been performing the popular and rigorous CrossFit workout every day. It consists of a mile run (1.6 km) to start, followed by 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, and a second mile run to finish. The workout is named after Lt. Michael P. Murphy, a U.S. Navy Seal who was killed in action in 2005. It is often performed on Memorial Day at CrossFit gyms across the U.S.

“I really wanted to test my limits and see what I could do. I wanted to go beyond what people could imagine. People have said, 'You shouldn’t do that. You’re going to injure yourself,' but you've got to prove them wrong,” he said.

Part of Liam’s goal is getting others involved. Gyms and people from across the country have been joining him in his journey and are taking part in the workout.

“I’ve had quite a few people come by to motivate me, talk to me while I’m doing it, lots of people posting on social media, and that’s how it started to grow,” Moore said.

His goal is to raise $10,000 for the MS Society of Canada. As of Wednesday afternoon he had already raised more than $8,500.

“Extremely proud obviously,” said Liam’s father Keith Moore. “As a father you strive that your kids would be a better version of yourself and I‘m extremely proud. Liam’s done an amazing job.”

Wednesday marked day 14 of 31 for Moore, meaning that, so far, he’s run 45 kilometres, done 1,400 pull-ups, 2,800 push-ups, and 4,200 squats.

“It’s crazy to think about, just crazy to think about,” he said, adding that his body is “sore every day.”

You can help support Liam’s journey to raise money and awareness for MS by visiting Top Stories

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