5 Ottawa hair stylists are heading to Vegas next month to compete in the North American hair wars. They are from Texture Salon in Ottawa, and have just qualified by winning awards in the Wella Trendvision national competition.

Stylist Damien Carvery showed his skills by styling reporter Natalie Pierosara’s hair into a couture look.

“They are not ready to wear,” says Damien, “They are more haute couture. We take some trends we've seen and turn them up a little bit.”

“This year is the first year for us to have 5 competitors actually make it to the next round for all of North America. We've actually made history,” says Texture Salon Manager Courtney McEachern, “No one has ever had as many competitors make it to the next round of Trendvision.”

The winners in Las Vegas will head to the world finals in Germany.

Tune in tonight at six to see Natalie Pierosara's finished look.