Ottawa's plan to extend light rail service will extend to Moodie Drive in the city's west end.

The $3.6 billion dollar LRT Stage 2 plan also includes light rail service to Trim Road in the east end and Bowesville in Riverside South.

The Trim Road extension would cost $160 million.

LRT Stage 2

[LRT Stage 2 - Trim Extension - extending Confederation Line East from Place d’Orléans to Trim Rd. ]

The $ 155 million Airport Rail link would have stations at Uplands and next to the Ottawa airport.

LRT Stage 2 - South

[LRT Stage 2 - Airport Rail Link - additional Trillium Line extension from South Keys to the Ottawa Airport. ]

The city is counting on additional provincial and federal funding to extend to Trim Road and to add the airport link.

City Councillors from the west end are ecstatic the LRT expansion will pick up commuters beyond Bayshore at Moodie Drive in 2023.

LRT Stage 2 - West

[LRT Stage 2 - Moodie Extension – extending Confederation Line West from Bayshore to Moodie, and a potential MSF ]

The Stage 2  LRT report also includes the widening of Highway 174 and adding more lanes on the Queensway  from Maitland Avenue to Highway 416.

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson says once completed, more than 70 per cent of Ottawa's population will live within 5 kilometres of an LRT station.

Stage 2 will add 30 kilometres of track and 19 new stations on the O-train line.