OTTAWA -- Ottawa Police say three "crime guns" were seized during two incidents in Ottawa overnight, including one at a party in Orleans.

Just before 1 a.m., police responded to a call concerning a suspicious vehicle where occupants had been seen in possession of a handgun.

Police say the suspect vehicle was located on Highway 417, and a traffic stop was initiated at the Riverside Drive exit. 

In a media release, police say officers located two fully loaded crime guns in the vehicle, a revolver and a 9 mm pistol.

Tea Sle, 34, of Ottawa, Zekeim Ogilvie, 20, of Ottawa and Jamal Ali, 21, of Ottawa are all facing firearms offences.

Just after 3 a.m., officers responded to a disturbance call associated with a loud party on Stemes Private.

Police say officers located an abandoned vehicle with the front passenger door open, and a fully loaded revolver was found inside.

The Ottawa Police Guns and Gangs Unit continue to investigate.

Ottawa Police say 75 crime guns have been seized so far this year.