OTTAWA -- Supplemental buses will be running Friday as Ottawa’s five-month old Confederation Line continues to run at reduced capacity following a major snowstorm.

Rideau Transit Group has advised OC Transpo that eight trains will be available for the Friday morning commute. 13 trains is considered normal capacity for peak periods.

OC Transpo reported just after 7 a.m. on Friday that a ninth train was launched for the morning commute. 

Nine trains were launched for the morning peak period Thursday, but there were two immobilized trains at Rideau and Tremblay stations during the commute. There were seven trains running most of Thursday afternoon. The afternoon peak began with six.

"Afternoon service ran with 7 trains and the S1 supplemental and augmented R1 bus service. We were able to manage customer volumes," Transportation Services General Manager John Manconi said in a memo Thursday night.

Many public servants stayed home and school buses were cancelled Thursday due to the winter storm.

The number of available trains has been reduced because of problems on the line Wednesday. There were issues with the overhead catenary system near St. Laurent station and an immobilized train at uOttawa station

OC Transpo’s Troy Charter told reporters that because of Wednesday’s issues with trains and an overnight power issue at the maintenance facility, “vehicle availability was challenged” for the Thursday commute.

The S1 supplemental bus service ran through the day and evening Thursday and will continue Friday. S1 buses run directly to downtown from Tunney’s Pasture, Hurdman and Blair Stations during the morning commute and make the opposite trip in the afternoon.

OC Transpo is also running a number of R1 buses to augment rail service throughout the day and evening until the service is scheduled to stop.

"We will continue to run a number of buses to augment, not replace, rail service from Tunney’s Pasture to Blair Station, serving all stations," Manconi said. "Although trains will be serving all stations along Line 1, these buses will provide additional capacity along the line throughout Friday during the day and evening, matching rail service hours. We continue to work with (Rideau Transit Group) to restore full levels of service."