There is now a new view of the city.

The Zibi Observation Tower opens to the public next week, allowing people to see the development in the making.

Once a paper mill, Zibi is 37 acres of industrial lands along the Gatineau riverfront in Quebec and in Ontario on both the Chaudière and Albert Islands. Developers say it will be transformed into one of the world’s most sustainable communities, including residential, commercial, and cultural centres.

The tower is one of the first finished buildings open to the public.

“We wanted people to see the sight and Zibi in its entirety. We wanted to created what the future would look like,” says Krystal Koo, head of sales and marketing.

The tower opens at the same time as the new sales centre. Developers hope it will spark interest in the development project and allow people to understand the project.

Architect Alex Josephson says. “We’ve got to build a ride into the sky to show everyone this project because that’s how they are going to get to understand it and see it for all its beauty.”

The $2-billion dollar project will be built in phases.

“We are working on a new office space and our first apartment building in Gatineau in the fall,” says Michael Cooper, founder and CEO of Dream Unlimited.  

The observation tower opens to the public on May 1st.