Ever wondered what it's like to be chased by dinosaurs or out run hot lava? A new virtual reality experience at Cineplex has you covered. 

Starting December 6th, moviegoers at Cineplex on City Park Drive in Gloucester will be able to sit back, relax and explore an animated world unlike any other. 

"You will feel it and hear it just like you would if you were in the movie," said Yannick Jemme, of D-Box Technology. 

Using virtual reality technology and motion chairs, D-Box Technology and Cineplex have created a new zone near the cinema's arcade bringing the experience of VR into every day life. The 12 minute animated film Raising a Rukus takes viewers on a series of magical adventures with a brother, sister and their mischievous pet dog named Rukus.

"There is a lot of noise about virtual reality and it's an emmersive experience and this is something we wanted to bring to the population here in Ottawa to experience it," said said Daniel Seguin, the VP of Operations for Cineplex in Eastern Canada. 

The company said this new venture will give people of all ages the opportunity to fully engage in an experience rooted in rich storytelling and the new heightened by the immersive power of VR. 

"There is a lot more to do than just seeing a movie,"  Seguin said. "They could come in before their show or after their show." 

Cineplex is hoping to add other movies to their repertoire in the near future. 

A similar environment already exists at a Cineplex theatre in Toronto.